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Black Ash Burl Predator Call

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This noteworthy predator call is made with stabilized double dyed, purple and teal, black ash burl. The call uses a JC reed. 

We have one, very simple, goal when making our calls- to sound exactly like the animal they are intended to sound like. Each of our calls are hand-made and assembled in Kansas, USA. Each block of wood carefully chosen, each reed perfectly placed by hand. This is a call you'll never want to take off your lanyard!

Our calls have impressive sound capabilities. Simply adjust the loudness of your call for soft, medium, or hard calling. Our calls are easy to use for beginners and appreciated by hunters. You'll be sure to draw in predators no matter where you are.

What is stabilizing?

Stabilizing makes wood harder, denser, stronger, resistant to water, resistant to warpage, and it will even shine brighter than natural wood. Stabilized wood is a timber that has had an acrylic polymer dissolved into a solvent, and then forced into the wood through a mix of vacuum and pressure cycles. The wood is then heated to drive off the solvent and cure the resin. Because this is such an extreme process, all our wood is stabilized by the best stabilizing professionals in the USA at K&G.